The Mara Elephant Project’s Acceleration of women in science & natural capital growth

Main image credit: Mara Elephant Project

Today a large part of Kenya is made up of conservancies of diverse ecosystems. Community conservation makes a large contribution to Kenya’s economic and environmental fabric, which is why wildlife and conservation protection is so important in driving growth that will be sustainable to the local communities.

A dear friend of mine Beatrice Karanja who is the chairwoman of the Mara Elephant Project. The MEP has had a large impact and worked with impressive conservations and foundations that have been an integral part of changing lives. Beatrice highlights that the best way to achieve impactful sustainability in the field is to make it a business, and so a lot of her her work empowers women to become green entrepreneurs. Her continued visionary thinking highlights that there’s a different role for every woman in the field be it science, data solutions, agriculture or an accountant for conservation. Regardless of the many sectors that the women she works with come from they are all driven to protect the future of this natural heritage.

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