Celebrating Africa’s humanity

Imara Lifestyle honours Africa’s
creative spirit.

From visual arts to music, interior design, fashion and beyond - art encapsulates and reflects our cultural narratives and traditions. It resonates with the essence of who we are – and so it should be cherished.

Through Imara Lifestyle, we create awareness and promote the arts across the continent by:

Elevating artists for our collective good

Imara Africa’s Managing Partner Barbara Barungi has always appreciated art for its aesthetic appeal, but for her, it was the pandemic that sparked an urgency to support – and indeed celebrate – the arts in all their diverse forms. Imara Lifestyle understands this to be a noble and pressing cause.

“During 2020, emerging artists were struggling to make ends meet and some of my friends that own art galleries reached out to art collectors and enthusiasts to support in any way possible. I contributed by buying art through a virtual art exhibition in Nigeria – the proceeds of which were used for food for artists,” she says.

It was then that Barbara participated in an art auction for the first time, buying Sidney Mang’ong’o’s Untitled Triptych. “The proceeds went towards supporting his mother after his death in 2020,” she says. “It was only after successfully bidding for his works at the auction by Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi that I learnt of his story.” Read more about Sidney Mang’ong’o and the Circle Art Gallery here.

Barbara is also a pioneer member of the Contemporary Art Society of Uganda that aims to build societal awareness of the Ugandan visual arts scene.

Art gives me a sense of serenity and a better appreciation of my African roots. It is my identity on the global platform, and a source of pride.

Barbara Barungi

Art speaks to the soul

From her encounters in 2020, Barbara discovered a deeper meaning beyond the aesthetic of the art that one collects, as she gained an understanding of artists and their diverse narratives.

Barbara’s home décor consists mostly of African furniture, art pieces and fabrics from Uganda to Rwanda to Nigeria, Tunisia, South Africa and Sudan. A treasured collection from across the African continent.


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