Inspired by African resilience

We tackle well-established
challenges head-on

Focus Areas

The main deliverables of technical support can be broadly outlined as the setting up of policy and strategy units, the designing of delivery units, the structuring of PPP finance and the drawing up of communication strategies for policy advocacy.

Economic Policy

Imara Africa Inclusive Growth Assessment (IGA) provides a template for designing comprehensive homegrown economic and social policy frameworks.
Policy advice and technical expertise for macroeconomic policy analysis and management targeted at enhancing skills of leaders, senior policymakers and top cadre technocrats.
Facilitation of economic policy advocacy and dialogue among stakeholders both at country and international level.

Public Policy Management

Work with policymakers to transform political agenda(s) into practical programmes though well-designed mechanisms for delivery of results.
Policy Advocacy for enhanced public sector budget transparency and accountability at all levels of government.
Offer digital media solutions for monitoring service delivery in real time across a range of services such as policing, health, education and social safety nets.

Financial Advisory Services

Facilitation of access to and negotiation for concessionary and non-concessionary financing from multilateral development banks for large infrastructure projects and other PPP initiatives.
Risk management through ensuring access to the best risk management instruments that enable clients to hedge and manage debit responsibly.
Financing arrangements and structuring for syndicated loans, bonds and other innovative financial instruments.

African Expertise

Using African expertise and global best practices, we develop sustainable solutions to African development issues – and create a space for sharing experiences from across the continent.

Good Policy

Good policy begins with good partners. Our strong network of development policy experts has over five decades of combined experience in research and consultancy across Africa.

Home Grown Solutions

We firmly believe that good policy draws on home-grown solutions, based on critical evidence. This leads to effective service delivery for citizens.


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