Art: Bringing African warmth to your space

Spotlight on Zimbe Collection Interiors

Wall art doesn’t only complete a room and pull a look together. From my experience, it’s actually an injection of energy.

Zimbe Collection Interiors founder, artist David Kibuuka, believes a colourful, warm space invites us in and lifts our spirits. His business offers vibrant, distinctly African interior art pieces, versatile enough to bring life to home, office and hotel spaces.

The human subjects of his collections are portraited in traditional wear, some engaged in ancient activities like hunting, preparing food, or playing music. There are also wildlife pieces pulsating with soul. All of his works are depicted through a playful, contemporary lens. To achieve this, David adopts various techniques, including Modern Batik.

“We believe colourful interior art makes everyone happy and that it is the best way to add personality to a space,” David says.

David, who happens to be a close friend, is one of the most versatile artists I know. I’ve been collecting his work for decades – ever since I acquired my first original art piece by the man himself.

Visit Zimbe Collection Interiors to see David’s unique artworks.

Maybe they’ll bring as much joy to your space as they have to mine. 

By Barbara Barungi, Managing Partner, Imara Africa Consulting

Waterhole II
Waterhole II

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