About Us

Development policy practitioners tend to adopt a ‘top-down’ approach, engaging only with senior policy makers, ministers and technocrats – rather than coming from a grass-roots perspective. At Imara Africa, we look at striking a balance between these two approaches.

To make more effective service delivery happen, we seek to promote public policy that draws on local solutions. We engage citizens for their views on services and projects delivered to their communities, but we also partner closely with governments, NGOs and development agencies to advise on global best practices and how best to localise them.

Rich local perspective

Africans are rightfully demanding real, lasting solutions to their everyday living problems. We use our insight into the realities and complexities of local communities to create robust, home-grown solutions: Solutions that work.

Inspired by uniquely African resilience

As development policy advisors, we defend accountability and inclusivity: We tackle well-established challenges, head-on. To do this, we partner with governments, development agencies, NGOs, communities and their leaders.

Geared towards outcomes

Our independent consultants are advisors on policy and finance that have worked for several governments in advisory capacities, with organisations like the United Nations Development Programme and the African Development Bank.  We use our experience and respect for international development standards and guidelines to effect concrete, positive change.



Our mission is to nurture home-grown solutions in the political economy of African development. We build strong partnerships with our clients to implement good policy and transform societies.


We create excellent solutions to local challenges by using the best African expertise and adapting global best practice.

Strategic Partners